As an established custom molder, GI Plastek provides extensive and invaluable materials experience, ranging from common commodity resins to engineering blends, both foamed and un-foamed.

Our engineering staff offers a broad range of technical experience, providing a depth of knowledge critical to the success of your molding application. Early involvement ensures that all facets of the plastic mold design and build are considered up front by our engineering staff.

At GI Plastek, new programs are a collaborative effort. Clear communication and program management are a critical component, ensuring that customers are continuously involved throughout the design process. Due to our experience across multiple markets, systems have been developed to address part requirements consistent with those customer/market demands.

cad drawing and part

CAD Drawing and Part

Product Development
• Hold early design review meetings with our engineers and toolmaker.
• CAD utilizing SolidWorks
• Design review for manufacturability
• Schedule a visit to meet key personnel and establish working relationships.
• Develop project timeline chart.
• Identify potential problems and contingency plans.
• Rapid prototyping
• Complete tooling sources: domestic and offshore

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